Jerry has a B.S. in Computer science, and currently works as a System Integrator at Indiana State University. Skills include Linux system administration, programming, and web development.

Professional Skills

Linux Administration

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Zabbix Monitoring
  • DNS (bind)
  • DHCP (ISC)
  • Apache
  • NFS (v3/v4)


  • PHP
  • Python
  • Bash
  • awk/sed

Web Development


I am currently employed at Indiana State University as a Linux System Integrator. Our systems run Red Hat Enterprise Linux. High-profile services that are hosted on these machines include the University's websites, Blackboard (online learning), Banner (student information), DHCP, DNS, and high-performance research computing systems. There are around 120 systems in total. We use Zabbix for monitoring our environment.

DHCP Setup and Administration

My first big project at ISU was to consolidate five DHCP servers into a cluster of two. When I started, there were two Linux systems managing static addresses, two Linux systems managing dynamic addresses, and one Windows system managing a small amount of odd clients. I converted the Windows configuration to ISC format, integrated that and the configurations from the other two clusters into the new system. Currently this new system handles DHCP for all of ISU's campus. Through this project I became familiar with management and internal workings of ISC DHCP and usage of networking commands such as netstat, wireshark, and tcpdump for testing and analysis.


Blogs that I have created


Ideas or ramblings with no real theme. This is the most personal of the blogs.

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Computer issues and problems and their solutions.

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Provocative statements from people in pop culture.

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County Collecting

An attempt to photograph every courthouse in the USA.

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